Xandria Productions is a cutting-edge fully integrated media company which specializes in production, acquisition, marketing and distribution of theatrical motion pictures within Africa and the international film Market.

Formed in 2005, Xandria productions is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of film and entertainment contents to global audience.​ The company is led by accomplished film maker Chineze Anyaene, in partnership with both African and foreign associates leveraged her vision to tell stories that appeal to a wide range of international audience within African and beyond.Read More
Xandria Productions is a Parent company  to NJK and Naija Kids TV a  fully integrated  studio  which  specializes  in  production, acquisition, marketing and  distribution of educational and entertainment contents that appeals to kids and teenagers. Xandria productions studio forms  collaborative relationships with  filmmakers, production companies and humanitarian organization  as  seen  in  IJE: the  journey, where Nollywood  collides  with Hollywood to  present one of  the best  movie the film industry can boast of  in  Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


To produce and distribute high-profile, an award-winning, blockbuster entertainment project that inspires people around the globe, and expands the appreciation of cinema both home and abroad.


Pioneering a new phase in productions that meet the demands of the international market for film distribution

Our Services

Xandria Productions provide topnotch services required for a successful film production shoot in the United States, Nigeria (West Africa) and beyond. Through our filming experiences of about 10 years and our knowledge of local surroundings, government bureaucracy & adherence to rules & regulations we handle and provide premium filming requirements that are needed. We truly represent the pinnacle of expertise for production service.


Over the years, we developed the know-how to make it all fall in place. Xandria Production initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel, contracting, acquisition and arranging for distributors. We are involved in all phases of the process from development to completion of a film. As the best possible production solution we maintain a high standard of quality and take it seriously.



Chineze Anyaene

Chineze Anyaene, a Filmmaker (Director/Producer). The CEO of Xandria productions, with creative passion and drive in telling stories thorough cinematic interpretation benchmarked on acclaimed international technical standard. She was born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa. She obtained her B.A in Theatre Arts from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. In 2005, Chineze immigrated to Los Angeles, California to begin a one-year diploma filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy. During her Diploma at NYFA, Chineze was recognized for creating an outstanding epic folktale, noted as the best “foreign film” of her graduating class.
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Eager to hone her skills in filmmaking and pay homage to her passion for the same, she began work in pursuit of her Master’s degree from NYFA. Chineze stands out as the first student in history of the New York Film Academy to not only make a feature film “IJE: THE JOURNEY” while in school but also to receive a production sponsorship from Kodak. A first time feature director, her credits include 12 short films, two commercials, and one music video. The critically acclaimed picture was shot in the United States and Nigeria, West Africa. “Ije: The Journey” travelled around film festival across the globe, won Notable awards which includes: Award of Excellence at the Canada International Film Festival, the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, the Silver Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival, the Melvin van Peebles Award at the San Francisco Black Festival, and the Festival Prize for Best International Student at Swansea Bay Film Festival, awarded by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Sheen. Ije: the journey became a Nigerian box office hit and instant classic as well as contributed to the revolution of Nigerian cinema.
Chineze Anyaene, the Chairperson of Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee, a Nigerian organization approved to submit and represent the country’s feature film entry in International Feature Film (IFF) category at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, the Oscars. She is also consulting producer for a brand that comprises of 7 channels on Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service.

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